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It takes less than five minutes to drive north from Ainsworth to Woodbury Resort & Marina and Jones Boys Boats. In 1897, the length of Woodbury Creek was the site of a mining boom. Prospectors staked and then worked their claims all along the creek for kilometres up into the mountains. And as with other communities, the boom didn’t last, the mining declined and the prospectors eventually went elsewhere.

Today, Woodbury is home to the thriving resort and marina, and the well known Jones Boys Boats, who offer boat and ATV sales and service. The resort, a natural playground, is open year round, and occupies a breathtaking location on the shore of Kootenay Lake. Woodbury has everything from boat rentals, and camping to a restaurant, convenience store with fishing tackle, chalet rentals, a recreation hall and a swimming pool.

When you arrive, head into JB’s Restaurant and enjoy a meal.  Linger over dinner and later chat with the locals in the fun and laid back atmosphere of the pub.

Woodbury is also a gateway to Kokanee Glacier Park and the Silverspray Cabin. In summer, you would access the park by driving up Woodbury Creek Forestry Road for 13 km to the trailhead.

Cody Cave Tours

Total darkness. Underground waterfalls. Cascades. Soda straws. Calcite and sedimentary rock formations. Stalactites, stalagmites. Draperies. Climbing ropes and ladders. Ancient abandoned fossil passage. Galleries. Huge granite boulders. Dog leg passage. 40 foot rappel. Fragile conservancy section. The squeeze. John’s Crawl. Recently discovered passageway. Cave extension. Spectacular soda straw passage.

Sound like an adventure for you? From May to September there are tours suited to all ages from 5 years up, lasting from 2 to 7 hours including the forest hike from the parking lot to the cave entrance.

For the very active and adventurous there are now tours into Cody Cave during the winter. Winter access is via helicopter in and snowshoe out, or an overnight 18 km round trip snowshoe hike and cabin camping. On top of all the features inside the cave, you will marvel at the spectacular ice formations outside the entrance.

Explore this wild but fragile underground world sculpted by glacier fed waters, located in the Selkirk Mountains above Ainsworth Hot Springs. All tours are by reservation only. For more information call 250-359-CAVE (2283) or visit

Ainsworth Hot Springs

Check in at the comfortable Ainsworth Motel, The Mermaid or at the Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort. Come to immerse yourself in the naturally warm, healing waters and to allow the power of nature to soothe your body and soul. Since time immemorial, the Ktunaxa people (pronounced K-too-nah-ha) have valued the springs as a place for healing. After battle, warriors would come to soak in the spirit waters (nupika wu’u), easing their heart and limbs back from injury and strain through to strength once again.

The source of the springs lies in the mountains above the resort, in the Cody Caves area. The water works its way down through porous calcareous rock to flow through to the pools below, renewing the water naturally approximately six times a day.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

Today, the site of the ancient hot springs is home to the Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort. In a pleasing circularity, the resort is now owned and operated by the Lower Kootenay First Nations Band. They are proud to bring their unique warmth to the hospitality you will experience when you stay at the resort.

Staying at the hotel means you have exclusive use of the healing waters in the mornings before 10 am. Float in the steaming open-air pool, then wade into the horseshoe-shaped cave, where the darkness, the mineral deposits and the humidity all combine to offer an exhilarating experience.

The Hot Springs restaurant has been re-vamped to be a welcoming lounge with a family friendly vibe. The resort’s regulars and Kootenay Lake locals are also eagerly anticipating the launch of the new menu which will feature First Nations cuisine.

J.B. Fletcher Museum

This was Ainsworth’s general store from 1891 until 1972. With all its original fixtures, it looks much as it did when J.B. (Pop) Fletcher first came to Ainsworth in 1912 to manage it for owner Henry Giegerich. An ancient cash register, medicine bottles, canned goods, and old cereal ads, among other things, make it feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Open during the summer months. Admission by donation.

*Available this summer – JB Fletcher Museum has developed a walking tour map of historic sites in Ainsworth. Pick up your copy.

“I had some activity last summer when running the store, such as a flying umbrella, a ladies hat flying off the shelf and mysterious footsteps and electrical activity. Our belief is that this ghost moved in when the Silver Ledge Hotel burnt down.”

See where to eat, sleepplay and shop in town. Also, visit to learn more about the surrounding Kootenay areas.

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